Here are some resources that I’ve found to be very helpful—

Mechanical Turk:

Batch-paying workers’ bonuses

Guide to running MTurk experiments

Managing workers for multi-day experiments


Drawing indifference curves

Embedding Stata code/output into LaTeX


Visualization cheat-sheet

Coding, Reproducibility, and Data Management:

Stata coding guide

“Good enough” practices in data management

Coding for Economists

GitHub tips

Scott Cunningham’s Workflow Tips

Presenting and writing:

How to give an applied micro talk (more generally applicable)

Four steps to an applied micro paper (more generally applicable)

The Elements of Style

Public speaking for economists

Better Presentations

Managing your projects:

Pipeline management system

My whiteboard system (adapted from Guillaume Frechette)

Spreadsheet progress system


Data Visualization:

Choosing how to visualize your data




Tartine Country Loaf