Working Papers

+ Procedural Decision-Making in the Face of Complexity  with Gonzalo R. Arrieta  [Gonzalo’s Job Market Paper!]
Revising for Quarterly Journal of Economics (Reject & Resubmit)
Complex decisions:/procedural choice process./This helps simplify.

+ Revealed Incomplete Preferences  with Luca Rigotti
Revising for AEJ: Microeconomics (Reject & Resubmit)
Preferences complete?/Ask the question directly./Tastes are imprecise.

+ A Systematic Test of the Independence Axiom Near Certainty  with Ritesh Jain
Revised version resubmitted to Experimental Economics
Independence fails/Not preferring certainty./It’s the opposite!

+ Systematic Comparison of Risky Choices in Humans and Monkeys  with Leo Chi U Seak, Simone Ferrari-Toniolo, Ritesh Jain, and Wolfram Schultz
Under Review
Test independence;/compare humans and monkeys./Pretty similar!

Published and Forthcoming Papers

+ The Gender Gap in Confidence: Expected But Not Accounted For  [Supplemental Appendix] with Christine L. Exley
American Economic Review, 2024
The confidence gap:/People know it exists, but/it still hurts women.

+ Distinguishing Common Ratio Preferences from Common Ratio Effects Using Paired Valuation Tasks  [Appendix][Supplemental Appendix] with Christina McGranaghan, Ted O’Donoghue, Jason Somerville, and Charles D. Sprenger
American Economic Review, 2024
Choices are noisy./New test shows no CRP,/questions the S-curve.

+ Stable Randomisation  with Marina Agranov and Paul J. Healy
The Economic Journal, 2023
You randomize here,/you will randomize there too./ It’s a stable trait.

+ When Choices Are Mistakes  with John Rehbeck
American Economic Review, 2022     [BibTeX citation]
You like a choice rule/but then you violate it./Was it a mistake?

+ Preferences for the Resolution of Uncertainty and the Timing of Information
Journal of Economic Theory, 2020     [BibTeX citation]
If it has happened/ you want to know it sooner./ Otherwise, you’ll wait.

+ Timing of Communication  with Puja Bhattacharya and Arjun Sengupta
The Economic Journal, 2020     [BibTeX citation]
Promises are good/ but cooperation fades./ Reports are better.

+ Teams Promise But Do Not Deliver  with Puja Bhattacharya, John Kagel, and Arjun Sengupta
Games and Economic Behavior, 2019     [BibTeX citation]
People will promise./ It makes them cooperate./ But don’t trust a group!

+ Dynamic Risk Preferences Under Realized and Paper Outcomes
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2019     [BibTeX citation]
Negatively skewed/induces reinforcement./Realized and paper.